There will be very little, if any swelling at all. Depending on your skin type you may go slightly red, but this will only last about 20 minutes post treatment. Bring some makeup to touch up around your eyes and forehead if you like, as I will wipe this off as I’m working.

I apply a topical anaesthetic to your brows and let it work its magic for 15 minutes prior to starting treatment. I also apply numbing gel half way through the treatment to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Your brows may start to feel a little tender toward the end, but for comparison most clients say tweezing is more painful. Many of my clients struggle not to drift to sleep!

I use what looks like a pen, but instead of a tip there is a tiny row of slanted needles (which looks like a blade). I dip this blade into pigment and then deposit the pigment into the skin by making a very shallow incision.

I have a medical history and consultation form for you to fill out and you will also need to sign off the consent. I will ask you as many questions as you will probably ask me! It is important that I get as much information about you, your lifestyle and current health as possible, as these factors all contribute to your healed result! I then apply numbing cream and let that work its magic for 15 minutes prior to treatment. A brow template is then drawn up and shown to you for your approval. I then work my way through the brow as efficiently as possible, following your natural hair  growth pattern with my hair-stroke placement. I apply a fast-acting numbing gel half way through the treatment to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Once I have created the foundation for the shape I let pigment soak into the strokes and then wipe it away to reveal to your new and improved arches.

Leave that to me. I have plenty of colours to choose from and if you aren’t sold on any of them I can mix them together to find the right fit. In saying that, your final healed result hinges on skin type, undertones and hair colour, so although I involve you in the selection process l make the final decision when it comes to finding the perfect hue. Your colour may feel too dark or too light to begin with, but it takes approximately four weeks for the final colour to reveal itself.

Please don’t. I can’t wax on the day of your appointment due to the risk of hypersensitizing your skin. A tidy brow is preferred. Don’t over do it though!. I like to follow your natural shape.

In the first session your skin is somewhat unpredictable so I play it safe. We cannot predict the healed result, so I am cautious with pigment selection. Your brows are likely to fade in some areas more than others and the colour can change too. In the second session we can assess the healed results and adjust my technique and/or colour accordingly. The second session is imperative if we want to achieve a realistic result!

In short, yes. A majority of pigments do. There have been some MRI complications reported in the past where inferior pigments have been used, but I use high quality LI pigments and the consensus is that MRI’s are not a problem for LI Pigments. It really comes down to the quality of ingredients used and the level of heavy metals. LI uses top grade ingredients and they are tested regularly to meet all required EU regulations.

I send you home with an aftercare card with instructions. Good results really do depend on how well you care for your brows post treatment. In short you will need to avoid sweating for 48 hours, water and steam for 10 days, and apply an aftercare balm 3-4 times a day. Active skincare ingredients such as AHA, Glycolic acids and Retinoids are to be avoided long-term to avoid early pigment loss or discoloration.

This is totally normal. They’ll darken at first and from day five onward you can expect your brows to start fading. Some are relieved and others disappointed. This is all a part of the process and some will fade more than others.

This is part of the healing process and is temporary. Your brow colour will deepen overnight and appear to be even darker on day three. This is because a scab forms over each hair-stroke and then sloughs over the next 10 days. If your brows feel too dark, don’t fret. They will lighten from day 5 and continue to lighten for another week to 10 days.

Sisters. Not twins.

Depending on your skin type, age, lifestyle and medications you can should get a minimum of 8 months out of your brows before needing a colour refresh. This is a one-off treatment needed once a year.

Microblading does not affect your hair growth or colour so yes, if you are currently tinting your brows I suggest you continue to do so. This ensures the tattoo does not get lost beneath a lighter layer of hair.

It is not safe for pregnant women to have this treatment done and due to lack of scientific research I will not complete the treatment on a breastfeeding mother either. It is just not worth the risk.

I no longer offer correction work unless your tattoo is over two years old. Please email me first if you have had previously had your brows tattooed.

I cannot tattoo skin that is compromised or inflamed. It is highly likely that they will not heal well. Acne and other topical creams can often affect the skin thickness as well. Please contact me if this applies to you.

Please plan Botox either 2 weeks prior or four weeks post treatment, and if you plan to have filler please schedule this four weeks either side. Please also avoid chemical peels and laser treatments for a month prior to your session and don’t plan again for at least 60 days post treatment. Ensure your therapist avoids the brow area with these treatments for the duration of their life.

Many medications effect the structure of the skin and are strong contraindications. Some thin the skin, some can cause bleeding during treatment and others effect the longevity of results. Some can cause all the above!

Common medications and conditions I need to know about prior to your appointment are: Thyroxine, Blood Thinners, Accutane, Cholesterol, prescription pain meds, thyroid, heart, diabetes, and antibiotics or oral steroids. Keloid scarring, psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema, and acne are the other red flags. If you have experienced or taken any of the above please contact me prior making your booking. I really dislike turning people away, but it is best to do that now rather than on the day of your long-awaited appointment.


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