The Consult

I incorporate this into your first appointment. Before we talk brows we talk health.

I ask you to provide me with important information about your medical history and we discuss any implications. I’ll also require your consent to go ahead and give you the opportunity to get any questions off your chest.

Then, once all the boring stuff is out of the way you can tell me your ‘eyebrow story’ and we can discuss your expectations regarding the eyebrow design.

The Template

First I wipe your skin clean and then draw my outline for the brow. I only measure key points and the rest of the design is done by eye. I let your brow bone guide me and don’t stray too far from your natural hairline. Simplicity is key when it comes to my signature Angelic Arch.

The shape may appear thicker than you would like at first, but it is important to note I implant the pigment between these lines and the end result is significantly softer and more translucent than the pencil I use.

Customised Colour

Since training back in 2016 my brand of choice has always been Li Pigments. I feel confident in knowing that this company has been an industry leader since 1998 and their formulas are high quality, safe and hold true to colour once implanted into the skin.

I love the wide range of colours available and enjoy mixing these together to create a customised colour for each of my clients. I often involve my client at this stage of the treatment too, so that we can both have our say and share control over the healed result.


I’m constantly checking for brow symmetry while I work. I move from one brow to the other frequently and ask my client to sit up a few times during treatment so I can check for balance. I sometimes redraw a few key measurements to ensure the brows are as close to symmetrical as possible, but also keeping in mind they will be sisters not twins.


This is the fun part! First I gently outline the contour of your brow using my machine and then I gently layer pixelated dots throughout to mimic powder. The idea here is to create a gorgeous shape with no harsh front or outline. This shadowing technique is not invasive and the colour is buildable from light to dark.


A beautiful healed result comes down to me and you. My technique is important, but so to is your aftercare regime. It is important to keep your newly tattooed brows free from water, sweat, makeup and skincare for 7 days. I’ll send you home with instructions and aftercare balm which you will apply sparingly for that week.

It’s important to note that your brows will flake and soften dramatically over this time. When you return for your follow-up appointment we can choose to go darker or simply layer a little more pigment over the top of the foundation for longevity.


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