Sarah, a self-taught eyebrow stylist, became something of an overnight sensation when she began shaping and styling eyebrows back in 2013. Now known as Arch Angel, she trained in the art of Microblading in 2016 and has since amassed fans from all around New Zealand.

As a teenager of the 90’s, like most girls in her generation, Sarah fell victim to the pencil thin eyebrow trend, but when she turned 18 it suddenly dawned on her – those thin, severely-arched brows weren’t doing her any favours.

That’s when the obsession really began. Sarah’s brows were officially in rehab and with an artistic hand she created the illusion of fuller brows with makeup.

She continues to do exactly that today but for other woman and with more permanent results.

Ironically, what was once an unhealthy obsession for pencil-thin brows has helped form Sarah’s career as a top microblading artist.

“eyebrows speak before you do. LIKE FASHION, they reflect who you are and can make or break your LOOK. microblading gives you the opportunity to BE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL OR understated AND elegant.

IT IS THE MOST NATURAL WAY OF ENHANCING THE BROW AND takes the guess work out of everyday makeup. unlike previous TATTOO TECHNIQUES, the RESULTS are more natural. THE COLOUR ALSO fadeS slowly over time, giving you the freedom to change the shape and colour if that is your desire.”

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